n. (Slang) loud noise (from impact) v. strike, hit powerfully; slam; make a slamming noise

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • cramming — n. The practice of adding an unexpected fee onto a person s phone bill Example Citation: Call it cramming, whamming or super slamming. Call it what you will, but Lorraine Parker calls it a ripoff. Parker was shocked recently to find charges… …   New words

  • wham — I. noun Etymology: imitative Date: 1739 1. a solid blow 2. the loud sound of a hard impact II. adverb or whammo Date: 1924 with violent abruptness < everything was going well; then wham the deal fell through > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • wham — /hwam, wam/, n., interj., v., whammed, whamming, adv. n. 1. a loud sound produced by an explosion or sharp impact: the wham of a pile driver. 2. a forcible impact. interj. 3. (used as an exclamation suggestive of a loud slam, blow, or the like).… …   Universalium

  • wham — informal exclamation used to express the sound of a forcible impact or the idea of a sudden and dramatic occurrence. verb (whams, whamming, whammed) strike something forcefully …   English new terms dictionary

  • wham — I UK [wæm] / US / US [hwæm] interjection 1) used for representing the loud sound of something being hit hard 2) used for emphasizing how sudden and surprising something is II UK [wæm] / US / US [hwæm] verb [intransitive/transitive] Word forms… …   English dictionary

  • wham — /wæm / (say wam) noun 1. a forceful stroke or blow. 2. the sound of this. –verb (whammed, whamming) –verb (t) 3. to hit (something) forcefully, especially with a single loud noise: she whammed the ball with the bat. –verb (i) 4. to be driven… …   Australian English dictionary

  • wham — informal ► EXCLAMATION ▪ used to express the sound of a forcible impact or the idea of a sudden and dramatic occurrence. ► VERB (whammed, whamming) ▪ strike something forcefully …   English terms dictionary

  • wham — [hwam, wam] interj. used to suggest the sound of a heavy blow, explosion, etc. n. a heavy blow, impact, etc. vt., vi. whammed, whamming to strike, explode, etc. loudly …   English World dictionary

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